How to do winter interior design in Just 4 Steps

How to do winter interior design in Just 4 Steps

Winter is here and we’ve asked one of our Interior Designers, Priscilla to search the best interior design stores, research on Pinterest and Instagram to discover which trends the Orbit Interior design team are loving for this Winter season.

Top Interior design trends for Winter 2018

Jewel tones, sumptuous velvets and moody cabinetry. These are some of the trends you can expect to see in interiors this Winter.

  • Jewel Tones
  • Velvet
  • Moody Cabinetry
  • Bold natural stone colours


Jewel tones can be easily applied through a fresh lick of paint, bed linen, window furnishings or even light fittings. Rich emerald green or sapphire blue immediately add drama to an otherwise bland interior. Try applying these ideas to a bedroom or living space for a decadent winter change up.

Jewel Tones Interior Design

Image from our Barklay 29 design 


Velvet is one of those beautiful, tactile fabrics that can instantly add a decadent touch to a space.  A touch of velvet can help create a cosy space to retreat to when we are limited to spending more time indoors. With a wide range of affordable homewares on the market this is a definite must-try for this season.

Velvet Interior Design


White on White cabinetry has always been in vogue, but what’s hot this season is rich, dark tones. Dark tones and shades such as grey, black and navy work well as a base palette allowing contrasting colours to ‘pop’ against them. Rich timbers and metal finishes such as copper, brass and gold compliment well and enliven a dark colour scheme.

Moody Cabinetry

Image from our Chevron 32 design – on display at Highgrove Estate in Clyde


Natural stone is still a strong trend in interior design at the moment. However, expect to see it available in moodier colour tones, and even pinks and orange to add warmth.

Add a touch of  wintery elegance to your interior by Introducing this trend through inexpensive items such as candle holders, coasters and other home decor.

Bold & Natural Stone Colours

Image from our Bellevue 309 design – on display at Harpley Estate in Werribee.

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Winter Interior Design