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Spring 2021 Current Offers Page

Built for family - premium upgrades included*

This summer, enjoy a range of premium upgrades to your new Orbit Home and an additional $10,000 to spend your way. Plus for a limited time you can also choose to add on one of two special offers.


*Conditions apply

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Upgrade the upper level of your two storey home to Hebel for just $999

Offer is available on all double storey homes. Upper storey only.

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Freeze your base home price for 12 months*

Freeze in your base home price for site starts within the next 12 months.

Learn the 6 reasons to freeze in your base home price.

*Conditions apply

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Fixed Price Rock Guarantee

Fix your rock from only $1,000.*

Orbit Homes offers a fixed price rock removal and excavation guarantee that saves you money and provides peace of mind. Fixing rock in locations across Melbourne metro new estates.

*Conditions apply.

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