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Display Homes in Melbourne

Orbit Homes has display homes in many convenient locations throughout Melbourne to help you find the perfect new home design to suit you and your family.


All our displays listed so you can find what you’re looking for.

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      Homes on Display
      Consultants Julian Accurso - 0432 506 734, Tamer Sirin - 0430 133 322
      Opening Times Open 5 Days Monday – Friday; 8.30am-5pm
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Deepak Jain - 0474 843 776
      Homes on Display
      Consultants John Calpo - 0404 550 551
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Luisa Gauci - 0412 904 377
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Julian Rullo - 0450 589 774
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Harpan Chohan - 0433 280 252
      Homes on Display
      Consultants El Rassy - 0447 452 414
      Opening Times Open 5 Days: Saturday-Tuesday 11am - 5pm | Wednesday 1pm-5pm
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Sami Kulafi - 0432 528 633
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Mohit Gandhi - 0476 146 124
      Opening Times 5 Days: Saturday-Wednesday, 11am - 5pm closed - 10/8/2022
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Deep Singh - 0433 002 569
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Dani Formosa - 0425 544 230
      Homes on Display
      Consultants Donna Iliadis - 0431 205 952
      Opening Times Open 5 Days: Saturday-Wednesday, 11am - 5pm

      Orbit Homes has stunning display homes to suit all buyers, lifestyles and budgets throughout Melbourne. Each display home has been styled to create inspiration for new home buyers, providing ideas to generate your own signature style.

      For homes to suit growing families, or first home buyers in the North of Melbourne, a visit to our display homes at the Botanical Estate in Mickleham, Aurora Estate in Wollert, Olivine Estate in Donnybrook and Highlands Lifestyle Estate in Craigieburn is recommended. Don’t just stop at one, make a day of it!

      If you are looking to build your first home, or finding it time to upsize in the South East region of Melbourne, you will find Orbit display homes for your convenience at Eliston Estate in Clyde North and Orana Estate in Clyde North. Our suite of displays in Clyde North includes a family-friendly single home design and a spectacular double storey.

      New home buyers in the West of Melbourne are recommended to visit our 5 display home centres to add some handy ideas to your new home shopping list. Be sure to visit us at Harpley in Werribee, Newgate Estate in Tarneit, Newhaven Estate in Tarneit and Bloomdale Estate in Diggers Rest and Atherstone Estate in Cobblebank.

      With a large range of House and Land Packages across all regions of Melbourne, within the most popular new communities, and an award-winning range of designs to suit all lifestyles – your new home journey starts with a visit to our stunning and architecturally designed Melbourne display homes.