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12 Month Price Freeze Guarantee

Build with extra peace of mind in 2024, with over 45 years of experience, we’re here to give you the support you need, especially in these uncertain times.

Freezing the base price of your new home protects you from any potential increase in the overall build price. Our price freeze is included to safeguard the cost of your home increasing from external factors, such as rising costs of building materials. If you’re looking for greater financial security over the course of your new home journey speak to one of our friendly New Home Sales Professionals who can explain our price freeze in more detail and answer any questions you have.

6 Reasons to freeze in your base home price

  1. Freeze in your base price
    If your land is forecast to title in the future but you have decided on your dream home design, you can secure today’s prices and avoid escalating prices for materials and trades. When you freeze the price of your home you can focus on saving for personal touches to your home from our premium inclusions at the Design Studio.

  2. Site start locked in
    At Orbit, we are focused on quality over quantity, and build every home as we would build it for our family. Working with your land title/registration date we will lock in your site start month to ensure your home is on time and to our own high-quality standard. Don’t worry if your land title/registration is delayed, you are automatically placed on the priority list for future site start months.

  3. Secure the façade you love
    Facades are an integral part of your home choice. Much like floor plans, these too incur price increases based on factors such as materials, trades, labour and production. Securing the façade, you love and ensuring you get the ideal street appeal of your home is another benefit of Orbit’s 12 Month Price Freeze Guarantee.

  4. You’ve got our premium inclusions
    By price freezing your home, you also have the peace of mind in knowing you have secured our list of premium inclusions which come standard with your Orbit home.

  5. Get a head start on your savings
    The more time your have to save for the finishing touches to your new home the better. Dreaming of a lush Balinese style backyard, Italian wood fire pizza oven, the coolest cubby house for the kids, well you can! Keep saving for all of those wish list items and make them a reality by freezing your base price, genuinely allowing you to make your dream home a reality.

  6. Get ready for your new lifestyle
    Often the longer you have to decide on something, the more you can over-think it. We tend to become overwhelmed with information and the joyful experience of owning a new home can be ruined. Freezing your Orbit Homes home price will give you the enjoyment to start planning life in your new home and new location.

All you need to do is fill out your details and one of our friendly New Home Sales Professionals will be in contact to help you start your build journey.

Terms & Conditions

In order to be eligible for this offer site start clients must pay a confirmed deposit within 7 days of initial deposit and sign a HIA Building Contract within 12 weeks of the confirmed deposit.

The pricing in the Sales Quotation (or Building Contract) will be held by Orbit Homes for up to twelve (12) months from the date of the initial deposit until site start.

For homes sold on land that is not titled at the time of initial deposit or is not anticipated to be able to achieve a site start within twelve months of initial deposit date, the base price of the home will be increased by an additional $1,500 for single storey homes and $2,000 for double storey homes.

Land title is achieved, and will be calculated at the monthly rate of $1,500 for single storey and $2,000 for double storeys for each additional month after twelve months from initial deposit date to forecast site start (unless the delay is caused by Orbit Homes).

The maximum total price hold period allowable is 24 months from initial deposit date. Based on the maximum 12 month price hold extension, the maximum additional pricing adjustment is $18,000 for single storey homes and $24,000 for double storey homes.

The adjustment will be raised via way of a Post Contract Variation. Where a site start is delayed to a date beyond 24 months from the date of initial deposit, Orbit Homes will then reprice the contract price to reflect current pricing at the time of land title.

Suppliers and suppliers products subject to change from agreements and availability. Orbit Homes reserves the right to change or substitute the make, range, model and/or type of any product if required. Suffice to say if a product is discontinued Orbit Homes will replace the item with a minimum standard and finish to what is replaced.