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Oct 15
by Orbit Homes

Knock Down Rebuild Homes

There many reasons why you may want to consider knocking down your current property and starting again from scratch – you may have a growing family and don’t have enough space, your current house may be run down or have structural issues, or you may find yourself becoming less physically able as you get closer to retirement. You may also simply relish the idea of designing a home to meet all your needs and requirements exactly!

Whatever the reason, you should certainly choose a knock down rebuild property over renovations or extensions. The process is a much more sound investment, as it will be a considerably more cost effective and is usually completed in a quicker time frame. You will also be able to take advantages of all the benefits of having an entirely new home.
A completely new property will allow you to maximise the investment potential of your home, and will offer you a clean slate on which to really leave your own individual stamp. Not only will you have a fresh and untouched property that you can design to your own specifications, you’ll then be left with something much more energy efficient and comfortable, thanks to the latest in build technologies and completely modern appliances and fixtures.

If you’re looking to knock down and rebuild in Melbourne, Orbit Homes offer a fantastic service that will take you right through design to completion. You can choose to build from their extensive range of designs, complete with luxury inclusions and unique finishes, build from existing plans, or work together with Orbit to come up with a custom design. Whatever your needs, Orbit will work with you and on your behalf to ensure these are met.
You’ll work with the Rethink Rebuild Process team, who specialise in knock down rebuild homes, and will ensure the design will make the most of your site’s features. They’ll take care of everything, through getting the appropriate permits, organising the demolition, to conducting the clean up operation after everything’s finished. Having worked on knock down rebuild properties for over 35 years, you know you’re in good hands.

To find out how Orbit Homes can help you with a knock down rebuild property, get in touch on 1300 672 484 or using their contact form. The team will be more than happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you have.