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Knockdown Rebuild

Why renovate when you can build a brand new home? Your favourite street in Melbourne, and a new home to tick all the boxes!

Why Knockdown Rebuild?

Every year thousands of families across Victoria live through the challenging process of renovating a house, with hopes it will be a more cost effective and easier option than building from scratch. 

By the time you compromise on your ideas, discover hidden structural issues and deal with unhelpful neighbours, it may be worth re-thinking the renovation option.

Orbit KDR


Demolishing your current home and rebuilding can be more cost-effective and in fact faster than extending or renovating. Not to mention the benefits of not having to deal with inherited building problems and other people’s design mistakes. 

Our Rethink Rebuild team specialises in building new homes that take full advantage of your site and you can choose from the most popular Rethink Rebuild designs which incorporate all our customers’ favourite features or any other home from our contemporary design range.


We take care of everything from obtaining the necessary permits to arranging the demolition and clean-up of the site. Working with Orbit Homes means you can make the most of the buying power of a large building company, resulting in reduced prices. Plus, as we’re known for impeccable construction standards and attention to detail, you can rest easy knowing that there is company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction.