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Design studio Consultation
Jun 16
by Orbit Homes

Discover your Space with Design Studio

There’s more to creating the perfect home than meets the eye according to Orbit’s Interior designer Zoe McGregor. We asked her why it was so important to get involved with the design process and why the Orbit Design Studio was the perfect place to begin.

The best thing about the Home Design Studio is having everything in one place, from flooring to roofing and everything in between. Our purpose built design studio is here to give you a taste of what your completed home will look like – and you get an experienced professional interior designer to help you make the tough decisions!

The best place to start is to decide on a basic colour palette that you can work with before you enter the Design Studio – this will help drive some key decisions along the way, and give your new home a consistency that would otherwise be lacking. It sounds simple, but it’s surprising how many headaches this will save you down the road. Once a basic colour scheme is in place, I’ll usually send through a list of products and their suppliers for the customer to start researching. After that, we’ll meet at the Design Studio and begin going over the basics – things like the external bricks or interior floors. I’ll show a few options to suit the colour palette that was decided at the beginning, and once everyone’s happy with the direction, we’ll progress to some of the finer details.

Do your research! It really pays to be prepared when thinking about buying a Signature Living home. Know your budget and what you’re prepared to focus on. If you want a state-of-the-art home theatre for example, then the tiny details count; carpet choice will have an effect on acoustics and you’ll probably want the lighting to be dimmed. Just remember, it’s the people that pay close attention to detail that end up with the best results.