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Apr 18
by Orbit Homes

Design Trend: Organic

Looking for luxury home design inspiration for styling your new home?

Choosing your fixtures, fittings and interior style is an important stage of building a home that’s unique to you.

Let’s talks organic

Find inspiration in organic shapes, colours and textures to create the perfect calming interior. This theme is characterised by layering tactile textures, comfortable and practical furniture, warm whites, and plenty of greenery. A subtle colour palette provides a warm and inviting ambience to any space.

Create the look with these top four style tips:

1. Warm whites paired with warm timber: A subtle, light and bright colour palette can provide a warm and inviting ambience to any space. Focus on whites with warm undertones, and add depth and intrigue through mid-tone timbers in the form of furniture and joinery.  The key to creating an organic interior is to keep it minimalist – less is definitely more!

Warm Whites Paired With Warm Timber

Imagery from our Seavue 39  home

2. Bring the outdoors in: A key element to any organic interior is the connection to the outdoors. If you have the luxury of large open windows and doors, make the most of them by creating an outdoor-indoor living space. Natural light should be a huge focus. Ensure windows furnishings aren’t too bulky. Opt for soft sheers or light, bright shutters over heavy curtains and drapes.

  Bring the Outdoors In

Imagery from our Seavue 39  home

3. Curved lines: When selecting furniture and fixtures, opt for pieces that have softer edges that replicate the organic shapes found in nature. Practical furniture is key to creating the perfect comfortable and relaxing organic inspired interior. You will find these pieces add a sense of comfort and tranquillity to any room. When thinking about bathrooms and ensuites, select basins, baths and tapware with curved elements to soften the hard finishes and angular lines of the space.

 Curved Lines  Curved Lines

Imagery from our (L) Sorrento 45  home & (R) Bellevue 309 home

4. Layering tactile textures: When creating an organic-inspired space, ensure you focus on tactile textures. Think natural stone, timber, calico and rattan. These textures and materials invite you to touch them and instantly connect you with nature. They also make the perfect base to add indoor greenery and are an easy and inexpensive way to complete the look.

Layering Tactile Textures

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