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Jul 11
by Orbit Homes

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your home

Create a new lease on life by incorporating astronomical returns in all elements of life including, health, money, love, romance and a soothing environment.

feng shui home

Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’) is created by the placement of objects and its effect on energy flow to an area or in this case, the home. It is based on how these objects and ones personal energy interact and the affect an individual’s performance, in both personal and professional life.

The term Feng Shui originates from china – Feng – meaning wind and Shui – meaning water. Wind and water are two natural elements that circulate and flow throughout the earth we live on. The core of these life giving elements is commonly referred to as ‘chi’ or ‘life force.’ Here are a few simple ways to ensure good Feng Shui in your home:

  • Place a water fountain near your front door to create flowing energy
  • Clear the entry and hallways of your home – This will allow chi to flow throughout your home and life. Be sure to remove items such as overgrown plants or bikes to eliminate obstacles and the amount of energy entering the home
  • Encourage learning – Place books in view of the front door to stimulate learning
  • Make sure your front door does not scrape the floor or make squeaky noises and all hinges, door knobs and locks are secure. This ensures all anxieties are put at ease
  • Position your bed in the strongest place of your room this is the spot that is furthest from the door but in a position that is still in view of the doorway and anyone approaching whilst lying in the bed
  • Hang a wind chime to the front of your home to encourage ‘helpful people’ in your life
  • Clean out the unwanted items – Through away anything that you do not ‘love.’ Keeping any unwanted or unused goods reflect grief or holding onto the past

One of the key elements in Feng Shui is to understand the concept of space. To maximize the potential of the open space in our home will effect how and what we experience in the environment we live and breathe in from day to day. One key element in the space dimension technique is the open space plan concept. Through an open plan concept we are able to locate different areas such as living, family, study and entertainment within a single area, allowing each area to stand apart from one another but held together by one overall.

feng shui home living room

The Orbit Homes range comprises of many open-plan designs. The Vittese 28 – apart of our Signature range collection has been designed with the kitchen, family and meals adjoined creating a spacious open-plan layout. The open-plan layout also comprises of floor to ceiling glass looking through to the outdoor living areas, bringing the outdoors indoors. This is another way to expand your space by borrowing the outdoor landscape, giving the three-dimensional experience we require without negotiating our physical footprint.