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Responsive Website
Apr 20
by Orbit Homes

New website launched

Orbit Homes is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website. After several months of hard work and lots of refinement and testing, we now have a website that offers our customers and visitors a simpler way to view the Orbit Homes range, to more clearly understand our company and all of its services, and to make instant and direct contact with us via a live chat and a new user-friendly contact page.


Location Based

You might see that our new site greets you with a prompt asking about your location. That’s because we’ve developed two separate sections of our website, for ease of use based on visitor location. Once you select your region - either Victoria or Queensland - the website content alters for you so that you are viewing the Orbit product range available in your chosen state. Orbit Homes has a tailored home design offering based specifically on the building regulations, weather conditions, needs and desires of families in different regions of Australia and we wanted to make your visit to our website as easy and straightforward as possible.


House and Land

Another area of our website that has received major enhancements is the house and land section. Customer interest in this streamlined process of building a new home through a house and land package has risen in recent times and so we wanted to ensure we catered to this increasing demand by offering enhanced search navigation and improved functionality - to align with the simplified, time-saving approach that appeals to this market.
House and Land


Because of our close partnerships with land developers, Orbit Homes often has access to premium blocks of land before they are released for public sale. We wanted to be able to share this benefit with our prospective customers as soon as new packages become available.  Visitors can now search at the top of the House and Land page for the home they want based on search filers including, suburb, estate, price and size. If you see something you like, you can instantly make an enquiry or download a brochure with all the details you need including the fixed price, floor plan, inclusions, and contact person.


Instant and responsive

Every day our world in becoming more and more digital, and the current global pandemic is speeding this process up. When customers and clients have questions about a product, they want them answered quickly. A major aspect of the website redevelopment was the desire to make our online presence serve our visitors and customers better and faster - because customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do.


With this new website launch, Orbit Homes is accessible across all devices from desktops to mobile screens, meaning you can reach us from anywhere at any time. Also, our instant chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can get your questions answered instantly. We know that you, our customers are busy and so the live chat means you can start a real-time conversation with us to get any information you need, at any time that suits you.


We hope that you, our visitors enjoy this fresh, new website redesign and we love receiving your feedback. In the first few weeks of transitioning to this new site, there may be small improvements needed so if you spot one, let us know!