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article 2
Oct 11
by Orbit Homes

Creating the perfect living space

Springtime is here; time to tidy up the home and get that spring clean out the way. Why not use our helpful hints and tips to help you create a new spring mood in your living space, thanks to our fantastic interior design and decorator experts at Orbit.

Colours & Contrast:

  • Use elegant neutrals, mat metallic and feminine pastels for main wall colours

Note: Lighter colours will open a room, creating a sense of space.

  • Feature wall colours currently in style; make a bold statement using rich indigo blues or deep warm aubergine (mauve, earthy browns, blues, and charcoals are really in vogue at the moment).
  • Create contrast in rooms by using dark and light tones in cushions, ornaments and artwork in a variety of sizes.
  • Throw a splash of red in the master bedroom to stimulate a romantic feel in the bedroom.
  • Do not overwhelm with colour, sometimes less is more.

Light & Ambience:

  • Change the ambience of a room by playing with the light affects; dimmed lights and candles will create a more intimate and relaxed mood, where open windows with natural light will open and revive the rooms mood.

Design & Balance:

  • Create harmony in your room by looking at balance and proportion – if you have a large piece of art work hung on a wall, place a floor lamp opposite wall to balance the elements.

And remember your house is your home, you need to feel comfortable, cool and collect to make your home really ‘you’.