Rethink Rebuild Process

Make an enquiry and talk to our Rethink Rebuild experts and discuss your lifestyle expectations. Discuss home design, Review the land site, local council guidelines and residential building codes and we discover what your dream home will look like externally and internally.

Our experts will show you our homes and how they fit on your block so you are able to choose a home that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle
OR our Rethink Rebuild experts will evaluate your block and notify you how our plans can be altered to fit on your block.

An obligation free quotation will be prepared and correctly priced by the Rethink Rebuild estimating team.
Once completed you meet with our Rethink Rebuild expert to discuss your completed quotation in full detail.

After accepting your pre-contract tender, payment of deposit has been made & signing of initial Rethink Rebuild paperwork has been completed Orbit Homes move forward with your exciting Rethink Rebuild project. We start to prepare a tender document that gives us your permission to start drawing up the final contract and making other preparations.

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to exercise your creativity as one of our interior designers guides you through our Home Design Studio to select the colour scheme for your new home and consider upgraded inclusions

While you’re having fun creating the décor of your new home, we will have prepared the final contract for you to sign so that construction can begin. All costs will have been included, and we will go through it with you to make sure everything is as agreed.

Experience takes the anxiety and confusion out of getting the right permits for demolition and new building work, so you can rest easy and leave it all to us. We will also pre-order your building materials so there are no hold-ups.

We will arrange the demolition and site clearing, so that’s another thing you needn’t worry about. Any sadness about saying goodbye to an old residence is outweighed by the excitement of what will soon appear in its place.

Now the fun really begins as your new home takes shape. Throughout the building process, you will have meetings with your Project Manager who specializes in Rethink Rebuild projects, and receive regular updates from your Orbit Customer Liaison Advisor.

After a thorough inspection to make sure everything is finished to our satisfaction as well as yours, we take great pride in handing over the keys to your new home.

We want to make sure the ‘liveability’ of your new Orbit home stands the test of time. As you settle in, we’ll stay in touch to make sure you’re happy with every aspect of the stylish new residence at your old address.

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