Is traffic management included?

Yes, all new homes in established areas are assessed at quote stage and traffic management requirements are factored in to the final quote price. Traffic management is mainly required in heavily populated areas, on busy main roads or near schools, shops.

What am I required to do before demolition?

Our experienced Knockdown Rebuild Team will take you through each stage step by step. This will include abolishment of existing services, nomination of items/trees to remain on site, Authority to demolish paperwork, asset protection and other steps.

What about Asset Protection:

You will be required to contact your local council to fill out the necessary paperwork & pay the related fees to cover asset protection to cover both demolition & construction. This is necessary so that council assets like kerb & channel, footpaths & driveway cross overs are protected.

What do you need to do in regards to Abolishment of Services?

You will be required to contact your power, gas & telephone providers to organise abolishment of services prior to demolition. Allow a minimum of 28 days for this to be completed. Note demolition can not occur without abolishment’s being completed.

How do I know where my existing service connections are?

Orbit Homes will gather all essential information before New Home Proposal stage, including sewer, stormwater and water connections as well as an existing Property Services Plan. All connection points will be nominated in the New Home Proposal.

How do I arrange installation of an electrical pit?

Orbit Homes will assist with completion of paperwork for you to submit to the electricity provider before contract stage.


Will Orbit build in inner city suburbs?

Yes. Each project will be assessed based on access, neighbouring properties, planning overlays etc. but we are happy to review each project in suburbs close to the city. Note: Orbit Homes does not have zones.

Can I do works on the home myself during construction?

No. Allowing separate works to be done (not arranged by Orbit) during construction can create Occupational Health and Safety issues, and impact on the new home warranty. Orbit Homes is happy to arrange and co-ordinate any works required.

What do Orbit base pricing on for a Knockdown Rebuild project?

We price on 3 elements, in other words this is what will make up your total price.
• Site costs, dependant on site conditions such as slope, flat, location, access, slab, stumps, traffic management, retainer walls etc.
• Size of dwelling(s)
• Level of inclusion

Will Orbit build on sloping blocks?

Yes, Orbit Homes has completed several projects on sloping blocks and we continue to assess and quote new builds on blocks with fall. (Subject to assessment of fall, anything over 3m will most likely not go ahead).

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